Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning out cat litter is not my favorite way to spend time, especially last night. Surprising, I know.

And I didn't mind cleaning up much from our first kitty, but cat number 2 produces a lot of number two... and it was even worse since the cats have been dewormed again, which basically functions feline Drano (or putting your cat on one of those herbal system cleanses, if that image sits better with you). I had a headache, and my shoulders were killing me, so the thought of hefting forty pounds of litter off the top a seven-foot bookshelf to refill the box wasn't that exciting either.

But the more I thought about it, the better it got.

- For one, I live in a country and apartment where I can have pets.
- I can afford multiple pets.
- I'm not pregnant, and so I can clean out the litter box without fear of catching anything horrid. I also can finish my school without having another creature depending on us just yet.
- In the cleanup vein, after living in places with just a shower or just a bathtub, this place actually has both.
- The worm medicine was way, way cheaper than I expected.
- The cats must feel better :)
- Garbage is actually picked up once a week where I live.
- Not only that, but the green bin and recycling are picked up too.
- The downstairs walk is always shoveled and salted, and I don't have to think about it
- Because I've got a headache, Jarod will carry it downstairs for me. and Jarod already does a lot of cleaning that I don't have to (and already took care of the recycling and other garbage).

So yeah, I'm okay with cleaning out the litter box.