Wednesday, July 22, 2009

these guys

are coming back today.

(This picture's from the Hamilton waterfront)

They're a couple people from Alabama who we met hitchiking through Hamilton last month. (One of them even wrote a post about how great Hamilton people were).

Ther destination? Quebec City, possibly Montreal. They got there - and now they're on their way back.

And they're staying with us for the night!!! I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend it is, apparently.

Just a sample of our more boring (read: family-friendly ;) ) bits of conversation:

Last night, at Rebel's Rock (great authentic Irish place tucked inside an unlikely-looking building on King)...

Meredith: "Wow, Jarod, I'm glad I ended up with someone I can guiltlessly eat a full plate of fries in front of... even when you're not eating anything. "

Today, after grocery shopping and buying kilos and kilos of meat in bulk...

Jarod: "Thanks for dividing up and putting all that meat away when I was cleaning. It's really nice to have that done right away."

We may be an odd couple, but I sure like it that way. Conversation more often that not involves food and we're still enjoying each others' company.

It's a good weekend.

I never thought THIS e-mail would be worth reading.

I thought it had just slipped past the spam filter.

The title began with "Size Does Matter" and I slipped almost automatically into "check-delete-scrub eyes out with lye" mode, but as I was checking, I read the rest of the title.

"Size Does Matter. The Longest Novels"

Turns out it was just some site I'd ordered textbooks from sending me a list of weighty tomes to read.

And a good thing too, since I've just finished four (ridiculously good) thousand-page novels in the last month. I was considering re-reading this series that I own, but I've already read it twice.

Maybe I'll check out this one or this one out from the list at some point. And I have always wanted to read The Count of Monte Cristo and The Once and Future King too.

And maybe I'll get around to finally obtaining a library card so I can literally check them out ;)

But for now I'm going to read a much-shorter Terry Pratchett novel in a few hours and enjoy every minute of it! :)