Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend it is, apparently.

Just a sample of our more boring (read: family-friendly ;) ) bits of conversation:

Last night, at Rebel's Rock (great authentic Irish place tucked inside an unlikely-looking building on King)...

Meredith: "Wow, Jarod, I'm glad I ended up with someone I can guiltlessly eat a full plate of fries in front of... even when you're not eating anything. "

Today, after grocery shopping and buying kilos and kilos of meat in bulk...

Jarod: "Thanks for dividing up and putting all that meat away when I was cleaning. It's really nice to have that done right away."

We may be an odd couple, but I sure like it that way. Conversation more often that not involves food and we're still enjoying each others' company.

It's a good weekend.

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