Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet Rob.

Rob Wilco is the newest member of our family.

He's a mature, resourceful 5-year old bearded dragon with soulful eyes and an inquisitive personality.

He likes dandelion greens, baths, and long walks around the house.

He likes warm places and basking on his log.

He likes being scratched under the chin.

He does not like it when Bucky Katt gets jealous and shoots murderous looks across the room, nor when she tries to bask in the warmth of his light and gets too near his tank.

And Rob's very favorite thing, ever?
Being wrapped into a "beardie burrito" (inside a little blankie), and then falling asleep on your lap with a little of his head and his tail peeking out. Tonight he fell asleep so soundly he didn't wake up when I put him back inside his tank.

Welcome to the family, Rob.

(One day we'll get Satchel, too.)

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