Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i don't like exceeding my threshold of stress

up to a point, stress is good: it's what keeps us motivated and moving. it's what keeps our physical bodies alive. without stress, we wouldn't be doing much at all, and up to a point, more stress means we do more.

we've all got that point, though, at which there's too much of it, and it becomes a really bad thing. i think i've hit that point today. and i don't like it.

it makes me a more negative person, which is something i battle constantly in the first place.

next week i'll start a month of a very different schedule, but it should result in less stress. i'm looking forward to it.

this afternoon i did lay on the couch for about an hour and listen to Neverending White Lights, and that helped. now it's off again to fill my mind with more, mull it over... and then for the rest of the week, pour out the right bits at the right time ;)

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Patti said...

Ugh. Been there. My winter answer is historical fiction and the bathtub. Spring and summer - pulling weeds.