Friday, April 3, 2009

Some pople like music at the "middle" of the spectrum

You know... the EZ Rock type? They can turn on the radio, listen to it at work whether they're waking up over coffee, halfway through a stressful meeting, handling a delicate issue or laughing ove a joke.

Me, I like music that modifies my moods.. so it needs to be at either end of the spectrum. The middle just irritates and confuses me :) (U2's always the exception. They just do the center of the spectrum so well).

For example... right now i'm completely drained, stressed, done. I've had little sleep (but tons of food!) and I need rest badly.

So into that goes one of two things.
On one side.... As I Lay Dying or something of that ilk to pound every last shred of stress out of my brain with long complicated riffs and pounding drums....
On the other... some more Neverending White Lights Dallas Green or just some plain old chants... to sand down those jagged edges with soft notes.

I'll figure it out in about 10 seconds :)

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