Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a little baby bat was sleeping on our wall sunday morning

(the picture is clickable to make it much larger)

he must have been separated from the rest during the night and tucked in where he thought was a safe, quiet little corner.

i noticed him while i was coming in early that day
and pointed him out to a few folks

so, through the morning one person was guarding him (so he didn't get squooshed by well-intentioned defenders of their family)

then some parents showed him to their kids

some teenagers came up and looked at him

some seniors commented on how amazing this little guy was

(and most people walked by unawares.)

i've grown to have a deep respect for bats (a great deal of that thanks to Anna) - their amazing adaptations, the amount of insects they eat, the wonder of echolocation. they're incredible little creatures, and as st. francis would call him, "brother bat" does nothing but good for the environment and my surroundings, so i'm very content to let him be.

and just as this little guy was waking up (too busy with all the people going by, I suppose) , we snapped a couple pictures (thanks, Mary!) and left him alone. (someone who received the pictures forwarded me them today at my request, with the sweet message of "you're gross!" Thanks, semi-anonymous Office Manager ;) ).

And he was gone this morning - hopefully back with the Bat Pack.


Patti said...

i recognize and acknowledge all the benefits and amazingness of bats.

and still shudder.

everyone has something that makes them shudder - moths and bats are mine.

Anonymous said...

it probably wasn't a baby (or "pups" as baby bats are called)... small bats like that are the common ones in our area and the babies usually stay in the "nursery" cave with other pups in the colony while their mothers go out to hunt. (and the teeny-tiny ones just cling to mom's fur while she hunts)

You did a good thing by not letting people bother it... i'm sure it didn't get a very good day's sleep though. ;)


unum_astrum said...

awww so cute! i love bats

bats :[ said...

I think this is a grown-up Pipestrel bat, one of the smaller North American bats. They look a little like black-faced sheep because their body fur is usually lighter that that on their face. It looks pretty comfy -- thank you for watching after Brother Bat.