Tuesday, June 2, 2009

While reading the ysmarko blog today, found these two pieces of fun

Photo in need of a caption (hilarious!)

(my favorite captions tied between "Michael Stipe’s thinking place," "New Approaches in Grief Counselling," and "Apparently the yellow man group wasn’t as big a hit as the blue man group!." Though the short-but-sweet "Father...?" is the caption that won.

The surviving church as a single scorecard via Jon Acuff @ SCL (awful, but hiliarious. But.. too often terribly true, unfortunately.

e.g. +2 points if "Your church has a singles ministry but it's combined with the college ministry which creates opportunities for conversations like this:

Student: "My roommate bought a microwave for our dorm room. I love being a Freshman!"

Single: "My 401K is underperforming." = +2 points")

again, terrible, but oh-so-often too true.

happy tuesday! i had the FRWYs new muffin+coffee in the morning (because they were OPEN! on my way to work today) and it was excellent! nothin' like fair trade coffee and walnut streusel to launch you into your day!


Heidi said...

Read the singles post-you and Rachael as single girls had/have many attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman. I thoroughly enjoyed the site-and am quite sure Crossfire will never start a "Pairs and Spares" class.... YIKES!!!!

Meredith said...


yes, except for property-owning and profitable businesses, but i'm working on those ;)

the terribly sad thing is, i know many of those "pairs and spares" type things actually happen.

there's at least 500 different posts on his site by the way :)