Saturday, May 30, 2009

every drop of rain turns to crystal...

It's a big storm. I can see lightning, and dark clouds cover the sky.


But while it's raining, the clouds are rolling east. It continues to pour relentlessly in front of the window while the full face of the sun shines in the cloudless sky behind it.



(all these pictures are from today during the storm...)

We're finishing up cleaning. We made pizza on the barbecue, and we're listening to some good loud music. I can't believe Haste the Day is still around. I saw them a few weeks after they got signed, and most other bands from that era are long gone or morphed into other entities.


Bucky, however, has decided not to participate. She's done her part of spring cleaning, as she's been brushed and combed till her winter coat's almost gone. She even put in overtime to contribute some extra hairballs all by herself this morning.

So we struck a beggar's agreement with B-Katt:

She can stare at the invisible shadows on the wall while we have 10.7 minutes to do whatever we want, and then we'd better come right back to finish watching a movie and lavish our attention on her.


and perhaps in the 10.6 minutes I have left, I'll put on a little Blindside next...

(the Swedish doesn't always translate well, but this song works for me)

When I remember...

A cloud moves in, rain falls, thunder strikes
And sunshine breaks through the clouds
I can cry out of sorrow and joy
Every drop of rain turns to crystal in the sun

So wash my eyes, my clothes
My skin, my bones
My soul, my feet, my love

I'm not forgotten...


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Patti said...

awesome storm

awesome pics

awesome post