Thursday, May 21, 2009

today could have been terribly unproductive and awful, but it was great!

it was very, very productive.

- i woke up this morning and talked with a temp agency. ended up filling out a lot of forms for them.

- went down to mcmaster and dropped off something

- stopped in at the gas station i'm doing a fundraiser at in June, picked up a form i needed from them, everything's still on there.

- got coffee and headed back to work

- installed dreamweaver. successfully set it up and got some directories ready/different sites' basics set up.

- got the last loose ends ready for tonight (didn't get to doing a project i need done this weekend but i'll do it tomorrow).

- went home

- ran into someone waiting for the bus: a girl in grade 11 whose family i know. she has a focus in life i really admire. we talked for a while about jobs and college and goals. that was good

- ate, relaxed for a half hour or so

- helped someone clean a house they recently purchased. good conversation and great to get to know them a bit more. and to get the house a little cleaner!

- then i got a Slurpee - a little thing, but good on a boiling-hot day like today!

- walked up to King for the walk home, on the way saw some folks i've just met (and their dog!)

- and there was significant shade on the King route home, which was great!

- came home, made seafood alfredo - and even the scallops, which i've never cooked before in my life, turned out well and it tasted awesome

- went to youth tonight, did our preparing-for-cornerstone meeting, no complaints, lots of excitement and enthusiasm. and then at the end when we prayed a couple teens who don't usually pray out loud in a group setting did so. awesome for them to take that step.

- and got home in good time.

now if only there was something good on TV... :) but i really can't complain. it's been a good day.

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