Wednesday, May 13, 2009

so often i want to show others the dance

so often i want to show others the dance

and pretend like i had the soul of a poet
or an artist
or a musician

that i was able to do anything but point with clumsy steps and stuttering mouth

to pretend that anything but this accounting soul lives in me
this soul of precision and terminology
this black and white soul that wouldn't know a dance from a seizure
this soul yelling out "synapse" right now at jeopardy on tv

part is my gifts
part is my heart

and which part is which
is what i often get confused about

which part is my personality?
and which part is my heart needing to be changed?
which part is my anemia and which part is my apathy?

i still don't know but i'm still looking
and i know that counts for something in His eyes.


unum_astrum said...

whoa, there really is "spaceships, someone who thought i would prophetically tell them the secrets of their heart, a bathroom where you'll really get to know the neighbours, everythig you ever needed to know about money (except strategic investment strategies with a high return) and even your friendly neighbourhood drugstore and why it might be better than slurpees."

impressive, no false-advert

Meredith said...

well, you xanga folk are hard to catch ;)