Monday, May 4, 2009

One of the best documents regarding potential LRT (light rail transit) in Hamilton to date


As many who live in Hamilton know, the provincial transit agency is funding either Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail Rapid Transit for Hamilton: we find out which this July. Given the full benefits analysis of light rail (much, much more benefit than bus rapid transit - case study after case study - it's just mind-boggling) and the momentum given to light rail already, I hope (and pray) that's what goes through. I truly hope this isn't another squandered opportunity.

Lots of good info in this report, but it's great to see the section on locally manufactured light rail components and cars, especially given the work of the citizens' group Hamilton Light Rail on that topic (and many others).

I'm glad to see there's discussion taking place at a City level (or at least information gathered for eventual use at that level) on that specifically, and overall to have a concise report as well done as that one.

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