Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bucky Katt has a hard-knock life...

Bucky Katt: *purr?*
Human: "Blarg! Get off, vile creature!"
*purrr? purr?* (jumps onto lap)
"Gwarf! Hair in my ice cream! On my t-shirt! Glarrrg! Grog angry!"
*pout*... *purr* ... *nuzzle*... *roll*
"Fine, Bucky, you know I love you..." *pet pet pet*

We moved the TV to the edge of the living room so we could seat more people (and have a more people-centred room). You can see Eleventh Hour is on, which I watch because I'm so intelligent and refined.

Quite obviously, intelligent and refined describes all our TV viewing choices:

in other news:

I've been trying to make meat pershky/piroshky/perishky for years, and oh, this is it: (with my changes, anyways: halve the recipe, minus the soup mix and + 2 grated onions with a bit of salt)

i love finding recipes for Mennonite food that actually tastes like authentic Mennonite food. The combination of Russian, German, Mexican (yep, Mexican!) Paraguayan, and other influences make it incredible food, though: I haven't visited Mex-I-Can yet, but apparently that's the place to go in Hamilton if you're a Mexican Mennonite or just want authentic Mexican food.

i also spoke with an old friend today
- one of the wonders of Facebook.

i haven't seen him since Grade 10. and he's doing well.

he hasn't seemed to change much from the person i met in high school, and in a good way. i'm sure he's changed in many ways, but he's still the same person.

it's nice to see someone who still is.

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