Thursday, March 26, 2009

the great new picture of downtown Hamilton ^^^ at the top of my blog

is by a person who has done many incredible photo tours of Hamilton. When I first moved here, it was these tours that helped me get oriented to the city and my neighbourhood more than anything else.

He's also let me use his photos before (for the cover of some interviews we did with the King West businesses in Strathcona where our new building is - Gilbert's, La Moda, Mark's Chinese, Tony's Barber Shop and MJM Productions. There were a few more we'd hoped to get to but didn't have the chance - yet!)

And sadly, he's moving away to Ottawa. On the bright side, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some pictures of Ottawa neighbourhoods!

In the meantime (for those who haven't been yet) here's a couple pictures from the fine street Jarod and I reside on (credit to the same photographer). (We live at the intersection of four neighbourhoods [in Stinson, also right by Landsdale, Corktown and Beasley - there's tours of all of them he's done])

There's 4 apartments in this house, but the owner keeps it meticulously clean and always plants beautiful gardens in the summer. I wish I had a summer picture.

And our very, very, very fine house - all three floors and six apartments worth.

and the bridge, not too far away:

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