Thursday, March 19, 2009

dear television:

when i come home and find the NCAA has overtaken Numb3rs and Eleventh Hour on CBS, I'm OK with that, if slightly disappointed.

But when I find an Akon concert is on instead of Becker on SunTV... well, things aren't going so well between us.

You see, I can handle a lot of other stuff. But I really enjoy having my the-pre-House-House type of cynicism (and NOT "aw, man, all good music has gone down the drain!" cynicism) to help me relax late at night.

sure, this is just one more nail in the "you shouldn't have cancelled cable and been left with only this free stuff" coffin, but you don't have me yet. i like having limited viewing choices and not a lot of crap on, especially late at night.

There just better be some late night pool or poker on TSN to help me get to sleep after SportsCentre, or else we're gonna have a TALK.

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