Monday, February 1, 2010

28 Reasons I Love Hamilton... the Why.

This month, I'm writing every day about one reason I love Hamilton. And I hope it resonates with you. Of course, that won't prevent it from being entirely personal, biased, and incomplete... but it's a start.

Why make a list? I love the place. Also because... well, if you're not from here, there's 2 "first impressions" of the city:

From far away...
The industrial view and smell from the QEW, (relics of an industrial past dying a slow death.)

As you get closer...

One-way streets that you get lost on and lead through strangely empty "main streets" with strangely empty buildings (relics of decades-outdated urban planning dying a slower death).

Ever since moving here, I've discovered that Hamilton is SO much more than that. I want to share what I've discovered.

But even before I moved here, reason #1 was true. And I'll tell you what that is... today.

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