Tuesday, February 2, 2010

28 Reasons I Love Hamilton... Reason 2

Why write 28 reasons I love Hamilton?

1. Hamilton is a CITY.

2. The Location

Hamilton's in a good spot, and it has connections.

Hamilton's in a good spot.
Halfway between Toronto and the border.
Proximity to Niagara and London and Kitchener and Waterloo and Guelph...
Surrounded by farmland that produces great stuff (if we don't build over all of it ;))
Near the lake, so our climate's great.
We've even got this handy escarpment thing running through the city.

Of course, there's connections to everything.

And I like that in a city.

  • We can drive to Guitar Centre in Tonawanda without too much trouble.
  • I've commuted to Toronto on the train for a month (the sunrise over the harbour... incredible).
  • I often eat food grown on Hamilton farmland.
  • If I need to fly, I prefer to have an airport in my own city.
  • The GO goes to Niagara now.
  • The Bruce Trail even goes through the middle of our city via the escarpment.

And all of that works for me.

I love where Hamilton is located, and I love its connections.

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