Friday, February 12, 2010

28 Reasons I Love Hamilton... Reason 12

Why write 28 reasons I love Hamilton?

1. Hamilton is a CITY.
2. The Location
3. The size (population)
4. The scale
5. Creativity and the arts
6. The buildings
7. The nature
8. The film industry
9. The markets and restaurants
10. The trails, paths, and running routes
11. Gore Park

12. The climate

Short and sweet today.
Because it's February 12th and I didn't need to wear my gloves outside.

Hamilton has a lake and an escarpment. The main difference being that you get more snow above it than below.

Every resident in every area, though, gets to benefit from Hamilton's climate.

Gorgeous summers.
Milder winters.
A good growing season for crops (this is important stuff).
Just enough rain and snow to keep things growing without flooding us right out. (well, most of the time ;))

I'll take Hamilton winter any day - over the storms between Woodstock and London, or the snow dumped on St. Catharines or Markham. We've got it good here. Even the one fairly cold/wet winter that I lived here wasn't that bad. And we get a lot of sun, even in the colder seasons... Mostly because of that, my S.A.D. has been a tenth of its former strength, and getting better each year.

And I'll take Hamilton summer over an Illinois summer any day. I don't mind the humidity, and it's not as pressure-cooker oppressive as it is elsewhere. Plus, (again with the escarpment and buildings!), we get incredible breezes all summer.

I enjoy the climate here. And that's another reason I love Hamilton.

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