Tuesday, February 16, 2010

28 Reasons I Love Hamilton... Reason 16

Why write 28 reasons I love Hamilton?

1. Hamilton is a CITY.
2. The Location
3. The size (population)
4. The scale
5. Creativity and the arts
6. The buildings
7. The nature

8. The film industry
9. The markets and restaurants
10. The trails, paths, and running routes
11. Gore Park
12. The climate
13. The safety
14. The landscapes and views
15. The ability to live modestly

16. The sports teams

Of course, I knew about the Ti-Cats and the Bulldogs. And I already realized that sports are one of the only things that regions really gather together over, so I appreciate their cultural significance.

I had heard about the place that created goalie pads (Kenesky`s)

And I had an inkling about McMaster

It took a little while to hear about the Around the Bay Road Race and some of the other sports and leagues - and it wasn't until last summer I did the Frisbee Golf course at the conservation area (Christie, I think)

Not until I was reading in the Spec about high school sports, though, did I realize how seriously this city takes athletics. (The Pan Am stuff is a nice bonus too).

And I gotta say... I LOVE it.

I love hearing the crowds chant Oskee wee wee oskee wa wa!
I love seeing high school athletes that take themselves and the game seriously.
I love seeing thousands of people running in the Around the Bay race.

I love the teams, the pride, the fans and the dedication in Hamilton. And that's another reason I love Hamilton.

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